Support and Help for Foreigners – we are an institution with over 18 years of experience in immigration law.

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What do we offer?

Wsparcie przy zatrudnieniu

Employment support

We offer support for entrepreneurs employing foreigners as well as for natural persons – foreigners who intend to regulate the legal aspects of their stay and work in Poland.

Doświadczenie i wiedza

Experience and knowledge

We have a team of experienced and qualified specialists with comprehensive knowledge in all areas related to immigration law.

Obsługa w wielu językach

Multi-lingual support

During the procedures and contacts with offices, we offer our clients the assistance of advisors who speak several languages: Polish, English, French, Ukrainian, russian, Armenian.

Before starting the procedures related to the legalization of stay and work, we make a detailed analysis of the client’s legal situation and help choose the best solutions for him.

Wsparcie na każdym etapie

Support at every stage

We help our clients at every stage of the ongoing administrative proceedings, representing their legal interests before the authorities of both instances and, if necessary, also before administrative courts.

History and values

Support and Help for Foreigners – – is an institution with more than 18 years of experience in legalizing the stay and employment of foreigners in Poland. Among the clients who have used our help are private individuals, small businesses, and significant foreign investors. The owner of the company is Tatyana Kostyra, who runs a business under the name Vakancja Tetiana Kostyra.

za efekt

Responsibility for the effect

We do our best and feel responsible for the results.

Indywidualne podejście

Individual approach

We guarantee an individual approach to each case

Przystępna cena

Affordable price

We offer professional legal services at an affordable price

Terminowość i skuteczność

Timeliness and effectiveness of implementation.

We are distinguished by timeliness and efficiency in procedural activities and arrangements with the client.

Długotrwała współpraca

Long-term cooperation

We focus not only on solving legal problems, but also try to build long-term cooperation with our clients.

Stabilność obsługi prawnej

Stabilność obsługi prawnej

We provide a sense of stability of legal services for our clients

Our team

Dariusz Kostyra

Legal adviser

Tetiana Kostyra

Mediator, Court mediator

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